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SAS Consulting

Like any enterprise-class software, deploying SAS products is not just about having the best tools, but having the best architects and developers who can put those tools to work. With over 20 years being “Powered by SAS,” 89 Degrees has been making investments in SAS’ industry-leading analytics and marketing products pay off for companies large and small.

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Every SAS deployment starts and ends with data, and modeling that data to fit your needs requires both technical expertise and business acumen. Our database consultants can improve the speed and utility of your data, through customer data integration, marketing database design, subject areas, data governance, and more.
Making SAS work for marketing requires understanding customer behavior, and our advanced analytics group can build customer insights into your SAS workflow. Statistical and predictive modeling, campaign optimization, reporting, and visualization can boost the ROI of your programs now and guide your strategy for years to come.
We tie together disparate systems and data sources to increase operational efficiencies and unlock the potential of SAS software. Our enterprise architects, engineers, and database managers work hand in hand with your team to build custom platforms and solutions that produce value from legacy and new software assets, including cloud services like Salesforce Marketing Cloud and QuickPivot.
We have experience with an array of products in the SAS portfolio, including SAS Marketing Automation, Marketing Optimization, Data Quality, and Visual Analytics. We also offer many of these products as fully managed services as part of our SAS Cloud for Marketing.