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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services

89 Degrees provides the required resources to ensure SFMC's digital marketing platform’s most effective use by marketers. Beginning with the data architects and developers to deliver the right data to the platform on the front end, and including campaign specialists to design, and deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. 89 Degrees provides the technology, marketing, and operational expertise that allows organizations to realize a substantial return on their investments in the SFMC digital marketing platform.

89 Degrees’ Solution Architects work collaboratively with clients to take the conceptual solution design and build out the blueprint describing the specific functional requirements of the client solution.
Every SFMC deployment starts and ends with data, and modeling that data to fit client needs requires business acumen and technical expertise. Our technology architects bring blueprints to life and improve the utility of your platform through customer data integration, data modeling, script development, and more.
Our dedicated staff serves as an extension of your marketing team, and our solution delivery is tightly coordinated through "Agile 4D", our rigorous and proprietary project management methodology.
Our advanced analytics group can build customer insights into your SFMC workflow. Statistical and predictive modeling, campaign optimization, reporting, and visualization can boost the ROI of your programs now and guide your strategy for years to come.
For regulated markets, 89 Degrees’ Secure Sending Service allows marketers to send messages via multiple channels, without requiring that an organizations’ personally identifiable information (PII) be stored outside the client’s premises. This service works with SFMC’s tokenization process, and facilitates sending messages and retrieving campaign response data over the internet without exposing PII.