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Loyalty Consulting

Loyalty programs are often one of the largest expenses in the marketing budget – are you sure yours is the best it can be? Our loyalty consulting practice will provide an objective evaluation of the opportunity for program introductions or enhancements. The process begins with an opportunity analysis, evaluating the granular purchase patterns and brand engagement to understand your unique opportunity. From there, we’ll bring competitive analysis, innovative thinking and market research to identify a compelling and differentiating value proposition and supporting business case. Lastly, we can provide full service support for program pilot and implementation including communications, points engine technology, and even field support. Read our white paper Tracking the Omni-Channel Customer Journey.

We begin with an analysis of your underlying customer data to identify opportunities to maximize the "Customer Value Equation". For some brands, it might be all about driving frequency, while for others it might be about retention, or engagement. Our analytical approach is designed to include omnichannel data and identify your specific opportunities, vs. a cookie cutter loyalty model. With this information, together we'll develop an initial business case with a range of scenarios to size the opportunity.
With a strategic imperative and business case in hand, it's time to develop the "killer" value proposition. During our 20 years of developing dozens of loyalty programs, we've developed the "Periodic Table of Loyalty Benefits". This tool begins with the core 15 elements that provide the foundation for any loyalty program. Our experience shows that a range recognition and reward elements is key to program success. We feed benefit scenarios into a custom research process that uses discrete choice modeling to optimize the cost benefit analysis, and feed that into an updated business case.
Lastly comes the essential work of logistical planning to encompass data capture, privacy compliance, marketing communications, analytics and program support requirements. We deliver full service support for some clients, and partner with internal client teams in other situations – the choice is yours. Contact Sales to learn more about our proprietary technology platform here.