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Advanced Analytic Services

As the range and scale of available data expands, marketing analytics can increasingly define your competitive advantage. While every assignment is customized, we’ve defined our most common solutions in the areas of contact stream optimization, segmentation, marketing optimization and data visualization. Our team of marketing scientists can work onsite using your environment, or we’ll create an analytic datamart in our secure environment and return insightful reports, scored data, full documentation and the algorithms you’ll need for ongoing implementation.

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Our marketing scientists leverage SAS to build powerful models that will vastly improve your campaign performance. But we don’t stop there – our end to end approach including audience evaluation, trigger identification, test design and post-analysis provides the basis for a comprehensive overhaul of your entire contact plan. We can implement the plan with our full service team, or provide you with everything necessary to implement on your platform.
Segmentation should be the cornerstone of your next generation customer centric strategy. Our multi-dimensional approach combines the typical purchase pattern segmentation with other key attributes including promotion sensitivity, channel engagement and unique dimensions for your business. Each of these “themes” becomes an input into the overall segmentation, yet can also inform marketing stand-alone. The outcome – a rich segmentation that is highly actionable. Read our 5 Key Techniques to Segment Customers.
Reduce complexity and boost ROI with our automated approach. Our analysts will create a suite of custom models designed to predict your key optimization variables. And the industry leading SAS software provides the complex business rules and constraints processing to select optimize each case. View Our Webinar on marketing optimization.
SAS Visual Analytics provides a unique combination of drag & drop ease-of-use and access to data at the most granular level – all in sub-second response times. The software offers a range of web based solutions from interactive reporting available on tablet to granular data exploration and even web-based custom SAS coding, providing a strong solution for all user types. Demo SAS Visual Analytics here.