• Protect.
  • Customer privacy and personal information, secured.

89 Degrees Secure Sending Service

Personalized and targeted communications come with a risk – that your customer’s data will be breached, and your company’s name will make headlines for all the wrong reasons. Secure Sending Service mitigates that risk, with a robust suite of applications that let you send marketing messages via multiple channels, without your customers’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) being stored outside your walls. The solution offers plug-and-play integration with myriad of campaign tools and channel providers – including SAS Customer Intelligence, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, IBM Silverpop, and QuickPivot – for sending messages and retrieving campaign response data. Secure Sending Service is available as a hosted solution or for on premise installation.

Our service separates sensitive data from all its marketing uses through data tokenization, a robust method for accessing data securely, quickly, and anonymously. This ensures compliance with state and federal regulations, company security policies, and independent auditing standards.
Secure messages across all your 1-to-1 digital channels, including SMS, push notifications, and email.
With our plugin-based architecture, we can build new integrations to a variety of other providers to fit our clients’ needs. And with our support for integration via flat files, it’s easy to get up and running with any system that can import and export data feeds.
Secure Sending Service is integrated with other 89 Degrees products and services, including SAS Cloud for Marketing, Big Data Analytics, and Customer Experience Services, so we can provide end-to-end solutions for secure, scalable, and insightful digital marketing communication.