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SAS Cloud for Marketing Optimization

Personalization matches communication style, offers and recommendations, and user experience to an individual with the assumption that this will drive more revenue. Simple cases, like the choice between two or three offers, can be solved using standard models. SAS Marketing Optimization takes it to a whole new level, combining the power of SAS Analytics with an easy to use interface and powerful "what if" tools. Click here to see how Marketing Optimization generated an ROI of 100%.

Contact our sales team to find out about how to participate in a proof of concept at no cost. We are so confident in our product, we’ll implement MO for a series of test campaigns, and let the results speak for themselves!

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Our business and database consultants will work with you to understand your existing and future communication strategy to design an implementation that will support you moving forward. We’ll consolidate data from your existing systems, and provide turnkey hosting/management on our platform.
SAS Marketing Optimization requires predictions of customer behavior under different marketing inputs. Our advanced analytics group will build, validate, and implement the necessary models. They will also include business rules that govern the solution, for example, total markdown budget, offer cadence, or communication tracks.
Our operations team, in conjunction with our analysts and deployment experts, will develop a workflow that seamlessly integrates the results of the optimization into your email and DM process. We can load results directly to your systems, deliver to your service providers, or use our in-house creative and deployment teams.
Successful Personalization initiatives are underpinned by a customer-driven communication plan that identifies and manages opportunities in your customer and prospect. Our analysts and planners will review your historic campaign data, identifying groups of customers that are either under- or over-served, and recommend test designs that help you learn quickly and efficiently.