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89 Degrees SAS Cloud for Big Data Analytics

For marketers that would like their existing systems to tap into the power of Big Data, our Hadoop-based product provides an easy on-ramp. Already integrated with all of the major web analytics packages, like Omniture and IBM Coremetrics, we put the hooks in place to create a universal ID, connect your data and make sense of the patterns. For example, our Engagement Scoring process identifies the level and intent of the interactions for each customer, enabling real time auctioning and triggers. Enjoy stunning graphics with our Visual Analytics interface, and flexible integration with your existing systems.

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Our Hadoop solution is designed so that it can stand-alone in our hosted environment yet be seamlessly integrated with your existing marketing database. We link the data to your customers, enable rich analytics on our platform, and pass back just the data that you need to inform your marketing programs.
Benefit from instant insight about how engaged your customers are and where they are interacting the most. Our proprietary Engagement Score evaluates the depth and breadth of engagement, and provides a single score that provides a “heartbeat” for each customer. Explore the rich omni-channel data using SAS Visual Analytics.
89 Degrees SAS Cloud for Big Data Analytics can easily integrate with your digital communication platform. As a Global Services Partner with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we offer deep expertise and a prebuilt integration with the leading enterprise marketing cloud provider.