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89Degrees Marketing Database

Are you challenged with a legacy marketing database solution and all of the constraints that come with it? Upgrading to a flexible yet scalable solution may be easier than you think. 89 Degrees Marketing Database has been refined over 20 years, and provides clients with vertical specific data schemas that make implementation quick and efficient. Our ETL and data hygiene processes are built around SAS Data Quality, a 2014 Gartner Leader’s quadrant solution. Whether deployed in a hosted solution from 89 Degrees, or on-premise in your environment, 89 Degrees Marketing Database will provide a reliable foundation that can be expanded to integrate any of our other products or solutions.

Primary verticals include Retail, Automotive, Pharma, Publishing, Non-Profit and Subscription. Our relational structure ensures you always have access to the data in its most granular form.
Our proprietary processes are built around SAS Data Quality and will be tailored to meet your unique needs. Testing and validation ensure accuracy -- extra steps are taken to remove anomalies while opportunities to enhance the data are maximized. Our processing movies beyond the traditional method of defining individuals to include “Person” level identification utilizing digital ID’s (e.g. email) and phone numbers.
89 Degrees is pleased to offer our clients the most powerful referential database in the industry! Compiled by LexisNexis, and containing a staggering 40 years of proprietary name and address change history, the Right Name & Place solution provided in partnership with ALC , gives our client’s unsurpassed name and address accuracy, to improve marketing results.
Through our special partnership with Experian, we offer comprehensive data enrichment services. Data can be overlayed cost effectively for marketing purposes – you only buy the data that is predictive. We can also host your prospect database, providing the essential ability to measure new customer conversion.
Implement the MIC on your platform, or we’ll host it on ours. Either way, MIC will serve as the foundation of your marketing platform for years to come due to our ease of integration with all of the SAS CI products, best in class ESP’s including Salesforce, and any custom integrations that you might need.