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Calibrate Your Customer Engagement for Excellence

When compromised data and poor systems integration is limiting the capabilities of your SAS Customer Intelligence solution, it’s time to turn to an expert resource with the technical and analytical savvy to calibrate your marketing technology ecosystem and business processes for excellence. Proficient in all facets of digital marketing, solution design, and system integration, 89 Degrees is the trusted partner for marketing teams who need to do a better job accessing and managing enterprise data assets, utilizing advanced marketing analytics, and developing customer insights that drive profitable marketing outcomes.

Call on 89 Degrees to unleash the full power of SAS in any of the following areas:

  • 360° View of the Customer
  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Optimizing Marketing ROI
  • Data Visualization and Analysis
  • System Health Check
  • SAS Remote Administration

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360° View of the Customer

Build intelligent 1:1 real-time customer engagements.

Providing a full array of digital services, 89 Degrees helps clients realize new efficiencies and higher marketing ROI by making it easier to capture individual customer interactions (SAS 360 Discover) and deliver personalized communications (SAS 360 Engage) across digital channels, on the right device, at the right time. Our SAS experts and strategic marketing leaders work together to ensure the successful adoption of SAS Customer Intelligence 360 by providing the data and asset integration services that guide the development and optimization of high-performing customer journeys, and driving operational excellence through a strong analytical foundation and continuous test and learn processes that lead to higher KPIs.

Our services include:

  • Platform configuration to quickly set up each client instance in the SAS Customer Intelligence 360 environment
  • Omnichannel marketing with the implementation and configuration of all required domain tags, SDK’s, and on premise agents for ongoing data capture across all digital properties, including web, mobile, app, and social
  • Migration of marketing objects and digital assets to the new SAS Customer intelligence 360 environment
  • Strategic marketing for developing high-performing customer engagement campaigns based on events and real-time triggers
  • Advanced Marketing Analytics for continuous improvement enabled via deep customer insights and optimization techniques
  • Custom application development to meet customer specific requirements like preference centers or custom web forms

View SAS Customer Intelligence 360 services overview for more information.

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Marketing Campaign Management

Design. Deploy. Analyze.

Clients trust 89 Degrees and SAS to deliver the infrastructure critical for designing, deploying, and analyzing the marketing campaigns needed for higher customer engagement and retention. Utilizing our proven marketing database – with vertical specific data schema ideal for retail, automotive, financial services, pharmaceutical, and more – 89 Degrees is able to reduce development costs and quickly implement SAS Marketing Automation for better personalization, timely communications, and campaign execution across channels. Services include:

  • Quick, reliable system provisioning and stand-up according to preferred deployment option
  • Complete data architecture and design. With our proprietary, vertical specific marketing database, clients define their requirements and we adapt the data model as needed
  • Optimize data structure to ensure performance and meet client requirements
  • Create information maps that connect data sources with application metadata layers and upload to SAS platform
  • Create quick start campaign templates and tailor campaign reporting as needed
  • Comprehensive reference materials for ongoing use

View SAS Marketing Automation services overview for more information.

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Optimizing Marketing ROI

Maximize economic outcomes.

Make the most of every customer interaction by maximizing economic outcomes with 89 Degrees’ SAS Marketing Optimization services. With our pool of analytical talent, deep SAS Customer Intelligence expertise, and cost effective hosting options, our clients realize the full benefits of their investment in SAS. Our project engagements reward clients with significantly increased ROI, advanced marketing analytics and scenario analysis for continuous campaign improvement, and personalized training within their own SAS Marketing Optimization environment for increased self-sufficiency. Our services include:

  • Quick, reliable system provisioning and stand-up according to preferred deployment option
  • Delivery of predictive models and strategic marketing guidance for scenario analysis
  • Input model scores and constraints
  • Integration with campaign management software

View SAS Marketing Optimization services overview for more information.

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Data Visualization and Analysis

More than just stunning visualizations.

89 Degrees turns data into stunning visualizations, interactive dashboards, and actionable insights. Take advantage of a deep bench of SAS Visual Analytics practitioners adept at uncovering and communicating valuable insight to empower decision makers to make timely, impactful decisions. Our services include:

  • Design and enhance data structures to optimize performance
  • Quality assurance to ensure key metrics are aligned
  • Dashboard and report development utilizing the full power and stunning graphics of SAS Visual Analytics

View SAS Visual Analytics services overview for more information.

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System Health Check

Don't leave money on the table.

It’s not uncommon for marketing automation performance to be hindered by sub-optimal data, a lack of systems integration, gaps in analytical capabilities, or the absence of an effective marketing strategy, all of which can prevent brands from realizing the full potential of their technology investments. 89 Degrees services overcome these roadblocks to create a robust digital marketing ecosystem built upon a solid foundation of enterprise data, advanced analytics, and operational best practices, helping clients successfully maximize their return on investment in SAS software. Our SAS Customer Intelligence Health Check is specifically designed to complete a holistic assessment of each client’s marketing technology environment and customer engagement strategy, utilizing our discovery-driven process to uncover all business challenges and barriers to success. We are then able to provide a set of practical recommendations to overcome common marketing automation challenges, address unique client requirements, improve data quality, and increase the accuracy of measuring campaign performance.

As a certified SAS partner with a seasoned team of solution architects, developers, designers, and senior marketing leaders working collaboratively, 89 Degrees is able to advance any customer engagement strategy with a range of services, including:

  • System calibration for optimal SAS Customer Intelligence performance; includes a complete audit of client’s system performance and configuration, along with recommended tuning to meet expected service levels
  • Complete evaluation of current database design or custom database development utilizing a proprietary, vertical specific approach
  • Evaluate overall campaign objectives, strategies, and processes in order to improve performance, providing the analytics expertise required to operationalize effective predictive models and improve marketing ROI
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SAS Remote Administration

Trusted resource for performance and reliability.

Clients depend on 89 Degrees’ SAS Customer Intelligence expertise for assessing, recommending, managing, and optimizing their mission-critical marketing operations. Our remote administration services ensures adoption of best practices for performance and reliability, always-on monitoring and rapid incident resolution. Clients also benefit from ongoing wellness checks, performance reporting, and improvement recommendations – all at a lower annual cost than a full-time, in-house resource. With 89 Degrees maintaining your mission-critical marketing system, you can rely on us to provide:

  • Proactive maintenance, including management of SAS license renewals and update process, system logs clean-up, and any required Start/Stop of SAS services
  • Performance monitoring of production systems, resource utilization, and any needed tuning activities to help improve performance
  • Technical support from highly-skilled, US-based SAS administrators during business hours (with a 24/7 option)
  • Incident management for triaging reported issues, resolution implementation, and Root Cause Analysis report preparation for Sev 1 and Sev 2 issues in a standard template

View SAS Remote Administration services overview for more information.

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Our Approach

Clients turn to 89 Degrees to solve a range of problems, enable winning customer engagement strategies, and realize higher gains from their marketing investments. Check out our practice areas to learn more about our approach to designing, deploying, and optimizing marketing systems with the customer analytics needed for higher acquisition, retention, and campaign performance.

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