See how we helped build IKEA FAMILY from scratch to 8 million members.

IKEA FAMILY is the loyalty program for the iconic Swedish furniture and interior decor retailer known for having a rabid fan base. Their smart and eclectic designs attract a wide range of savvy clientele, from metro-styled city-dwellers to urban chic.

Members get more. IKEA learns more.

Customer loyalty shouldn't just be about rewarding high spenders – more than one third of customers are motivated by non-financial rewards such as elite status and early access to products.

FAMILY capitalizes on this by providing value-added benefits like extra time in the child care area or free coffee in the IKEA restaurant in addition to Members-only pricing discounts on products throughout the store.

In turn, IKEA learns about the customer's behavior and can provide more relevant offers and benefits in the future.

With an eye towards minimizing impact on store operations, 89 Degrees developed a solution for both IKEA US and IKEA Canada which leverages online and offline channels to facilitate entry into the IKEA FAMILY program – from an in-store enrollment kiosk, to online/mobile enrollment, tablet app and traditional paper applications.

By providing multiple opportunities for on the spot card fulfillment, IKEA has been able to increase customer satisfaction, grow its customer database, and simultaneously generate significant costs savings in card fulfillment expenses.

"We want our customer to know that we understand them and the way they live their life at home."

Services Rendered

  • Site information architecture, design, and copywriting
  • Mobile design and development
  • Front and back-end coding Kiosk UI and design
  • Database development
  • Email campaign coding and deployment Analytics and reporting
  • Strategic consulting

IKEA FAMILY Kiosk - US, Canada, UAE, & Egypt

When rolling out the IKEA FAMILY program 89 Degrees partnered with IKEA to deploy in-store kiosks to facilitate program enrollment and communicate IKEA FAMILY benefits. IKEA FAMILY kiosks have been deployed in US, CA, UAE and Egypt markets all of which have country specific multi-lingual options (English, Spanish, French, and Arabic). For IKEA US and IKEA Egypt, a tablet solution was designed which allows IKEA coworkers to sign up members on the go as they walk the store.

Expose and acquire

Objective: Build overall FAMILY database. Increase multichannel program exposure. Create multichannel enrollment opportunities.


Objective: Drive data capture. Push card usage. Increase contribution of store sales by FAMILY members. Drive product offer consumption.


Objective: Build fresh, timely, targeted, relevant emails that drive awareness and purchase. Create opportunities for profile capture/inference.


Objective: Develop deep relationships to build FAMILY "ambassadors". Determine opportunities to develop "stickiness" by providing a unique value to IKEA FAMILY communication objectives.

Member Emails

Being a member of the IKEA FAMILY program comes with benefits. In addition to a monthly email featuring product offers for, IKEA FAMILY members also receive free coffee or hot tea, monthly sweepstakes, chance to win $100 IKEA Gift Card, more Småland time, 90 Day Price protection and more!