Building loyalty from the ground up

Big box electronics and appliance retailer needs to keep their customers coming back with exclusive benefits, personalized product recommendations and special offers.

hhgregg rewards

With the average household belonging to 12 loyalty programs, how does a company distinguish itself and ensure its initiatives are actually creating loyalty?

Increase Brand Loyalty

Incentivize, recognize & reward people for a combination of their engagement, social influence and spend. From purchases and social likes to check-ins, interactions, sharing and more, you can now calculate the value of every action and individual who supports your brand and in turn make smarter marketing decisions as a result.

Services Rendered

  • Custom Loyalty Program ideation, development & execution
  • Brand development
  • Database development
  • Email and direct mail strategy Offer strategy
  • Social and web site integration
  • Front and back-end coding
  • Full service marketing and creative agency relationship

From the ground up

A long-term partnership with hhgregg as a full-service marketing and creative agency gave 89 Degrees unique insights into their business and distinct customer base.

Starting from a blank canvas, hhgregg's rewards program was developed to:

  • Drive customer loyalty
  • Convert prospects into repeat customers
  • Reward repeat shopping and basket building behavior, on and offline, without sacrificing margins or conflicting with other discounts and sale events.

Offer strategy was conceived to support these objectives as well as, introduce product recommendations based on previous purchases, i.e., if a customer purchased a 60" HDTV, then a follow up offer was sent for a complementary item such as a surround sound system, Blu-ray player, cables, etc. Business rules were developed to make the most intelligent selection and deploy media in a relevant and timely way, in order to encourage the most intelligent selection and to capture the incremental sale.

The collective rewards branding, launch announcement, and acquisition strategy were optimized to ensure customer adoption and continued success.