Build a Loyalty Program that Actually Creates Loyalty

The question we hear most often from brands interested in launching a loyalty program or refreshing an existing (and underperforming) one is, “How do I actually create loyalty with my loyalty program?” In this white paper, 89 Degrees’ Partner and VP of Strategic Marketing Services, Jeff Caplan explores the key elements that should be applied to create loyalty programs that result in active, loyal customers:

Starter Guide for Implementing Customer Journey Management

With the advancement of technology and modern consumer behavior, Customer Journey Management (CJM) is increasingly the priority for B2C marketers who’ve exhausted their business-as-usual operations and need to go beyond customer journey mapping. And while there is urgency, there’s also no definitive roadmap for implementing the ideal solution.

Q&A on Marketing Technology and Analytics

In this Q&A we sat down with two of our senior practice leaders to get their input on the most common questions and challenges related to marketing technology and advanced marketing analytics.

Data Scientists: Being Sexy in a World of Accelerating Change

Today’s data-driven marketers still need help from data scientists, the folks that “make the data sing” with algorithms that uncover patterns and provide critical customer insights. In this infographic, we take a closer look at the 7 most important algorithms data scientists are using today to optimize marketing campaigns for higher gains.

5 Solutions for Improving Loyalty Program Performance

If you have underwhelming loyalty metrics, chances are it’s because of one of the 5 most common problems loyalty marketers face today.

Advanced Marketing Analytics Projects Guide

3 Advanced Marketing Analytics Projects to Make Your CEO Happy