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Driving Profitable Customer Behavior

While customer loyalty programs consume a sizable portion of most marketing budgets, they frequently fall well short of generating the business value to justify their ongoing investment. For some, the perceived risk of rampant cost and little return can even preclude consideration of launching a loyalty program. 89 Degrees has navigated the choppy waters of loyalty program development and management over 20 years, across numerous industries, and has succeeded on behalf of our clients by focusing on desired customer engagements that drive high value outcomes. We are proficient at deploying turn-key hosted solutions as well as program management services, so clients can work with a partner that easily aligns with their team’s needs.

Whether your business is considering launching a new loyalty program or enhancing an existing program to meet specific performance goals, 89 Degrees has the expertise to inform and guide you through the key stages of:

  • Market research and competitive analysis
  • Benefits ideation
  • Differentiating value proposition
  • Pilot implementation and program roll-out

Do you need a loyalty program that energizes your customers?

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Our approach to dynamic, high-value loyalty programs.

89 Degrees understands the challenges in creating or elevating a loyalty program that adds tangible business value while remaining economically justified. For companies expecting more from their loyalty program investment, 89 Degrees has the strategic leadership and analytical talent to develop or improve a program with higher participation rates, profitable loyalty members, and active customer advocates. We adhere to an analytic approach that leverages your customer data to identify unique opportunities for your business. Our senior practice leaders turn that customer insight into innovative solutions to better support your customer engagement strategy, resulting in more frequent purchases, higher retention rates, and larger overall wallet share of your existing customer base.

Our practice area leaders can provide an objective evaluation of the opportunity for a new program introduction or enhancements to an existing program. Our process begins with an opportunity analysis, evaluating granular purchase patterns and brand engagement to best understand each client’s unique circumstances. From there, we’ll bring competitive analysis, innovative thinking, and market research to identify a compelling and differentiating value proposition along with a supporting business case.

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Be different. Be better.

Our approach to designing and optimizing a comprehensive, successful loyalty program spans 4 stages:

Data Analysis & Segmentation

  • Discovery, stakeholder interviews
  • Opportunity analysis
  • Business case

Value Proposition Development

  • Competitive analysis
  • Benefits ideation
  • Build program concepts for research
  • Market research

Program Development

  • Pro-forma
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Operational planning
  • Technology requirements & development
  • Pilot plan and KPI definition

Implement and Support

  • Pilot program (if desired)
  • Full service program support and execution
  • Measurement, evaluation, and optimization
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Aligning benefits with the right outcomes.

With a strategic imperative and business case in hand our loyalty practice leaders work with you to develop the ideal value proposition, starting with an assessment of objectives and opportunities for engagement. Using our Periodic Table of Loyalty BenefitsTM and building on our rich experience in the customer loyalty space, 89 Degrees’ practice leaders outline a range of benefits that create a bond between customers and brand. Benefits are designed to reflect the brand personality and to encourage engagement before, during, and after a purchase. Benefits are also designed with careful economic analysis so that each program launch increases loyalty and profitability, and in so doing clearly reveals the economic costs and advantages of each program element.

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The foundation for loyalty program success.

Our experience shows that a range of recognition and reward elements is key to program success. By leveraging our Periodic Table of Loyalty Benefits, we’re able to feed benefit scenarios into a custom research process utilizing discrete choice modeling to optimize the cost benefit analysis. This ensures we have an accurate business case to inform and drive decision making.

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More than a traditional points engine.

Like many enterprises today, we believe the best loyalty programs reward not only purchases, but brand engagement and advocacy as well. Unfortunately, these types of programs have requirements that go beyond what traditional points engine offerings can accommodate. This is why we developed and rely on a Loyalty Platform to do more than typical earn and burn processing. With the Loyalty Platform, clients benefit from a turn-key solution that includes:

  • Full range of earning and bonus capabilities, including transactions and other types of engagement, all easily customized to each client’s needs and membership groups
  • Sophisticated redemption module for real-time processing and mechanisms to identify and minimize program abuse or fraud
  • Consumer communications enriched with loyalty data
  • Traditional online, mobile, and paper-based enrollment applications as well as customized, on premise kiosk options for customer self-service
  • Ability to integrate loyalty data with existing campaign and reporting tools
  • Ongoing reporting to meet Finance and Operational needs

All of our standard modules can be customized to reward customers for a wide range of member actions. The heart of the Loyalty Platform is our loyalty engine, tightly integrated with Forrester Leader, SAS Marketing Automation for seamless campaign management and SAS Visual Analytics for flexible data exploration, deep customer insights, and full impact and ROI reporting.

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Where execution is worry free.

It’s amazing how much experience a company can stockpile over 20 years of loyalty program execution. While 89 Degrees evolves and thrives because of the innovation made possible by today’s technology, our ability to deliver client success is still grounded in our people who make the machine work. With our integrated account teams lead by senior practice leaders, our clients can count on our loyalty program management services to meet any and all of their needs, including:

  • Logistical planning
  • Field training & support
  • Privacy compliance
  • Marketing communications
  • Advanced analytics
  • Promotion design
  • Customer service

Whether you want to outsource all of your loyalty requirements or a partner that can work collaboratively with in-house client teams, 89 Degrees can deliver.  Contact us today to learn how we can remove “worry” from your loyalty program execution.

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Our Approach

Clients turn to 89 Degrees to solve a range of problems, enable winning customer engagement strategies, and realize higher gains from their marketing investments. Check out our practice areas to learn more about our approach to designing, deploying, and optimizing marketing systems with the customer analytics needed for higher acquisition, retention, and campaign performance.


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