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Extract more value from your current marketing ecosystem.

Customer Journey Management shapes the pathways through which customers engage with brands. With our Customer Journey Management practice, clients have an easier time identifying engagement opportunities and taking action, enabling impactful interactions that lead to ongoing loyalty. 89 Degrees’ holistic view of the customer starts with a focus on shortening the consideration period when acquiring new customers and ends with a framework for recurring customer experiences that create a “loyalty loop” for higher retention and lifetime value. Regardless of your current marketing ecosystem, our senior strategists are able to deliver a quick return on your Customer Journey Management investment.


Go beyond customer journey mapping.

While the concept of customer journeys has been around for years, most brands have yet to benefit from a customer journey strategy that guides development of the most promising pathways to higher purchase rates and ongoing customer loyalty. Going far beyond traditional journey mapping, our approach starts with Customer Journey Analytics, an empirical analysis of customer engagement patterns. We pull together the critical data that makes sense of the way customers discover, research, decide, and buy in today’s multichannel world. With newfound customer insights, our Strategic Marketing Services team then leads the development of a customer journey roadmap with expert guidance for enhancing the highest potential journeys.

Our team has a knack for working with all stakeholders, including existing agencies, to produce a customer-centric strategy that ensures immediate gains and long term higher ROI by harnessing:

  • Relevant messaging and content development
  • Optimal promotional offers
  • Ongoing test and learn practices

You’ll be surprised at how quickly our multidisciplinary team will be able to identify actionable journeys that can be enhanced using your existing communications and technology platforms.

Contact us for details on a proof of concept project and see how we can help you improve 2 or 3 customer journeys and drive some quick wins in a matter of weeks.

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Omni-channel marketing made simple.

JourneyNavigator,SM our proprietary customer engagement hub, enables a new era of Customer Journey Management (CJM). Marketers now have an agile and efficient way to connect disparate channels of communication, databases, toolsets, technology, and complex business logic, unlocking new levels of efficiencies for launching and managing integrated campaigns across the customer journeys that matter most.

With JourneyNavigator’s dozens of pre-built connectors, marketers can fully integrate existing marketing technologies – including CRM, content management systems, ad tech, and social media – along with predictive analytics to realize the most impactful CJM capabilities:

  • Track changing customer behavior and respond in real-time with “in moment,” contextually relevant messaging, content, or next best actions, directing more conversions through the best performing customer journeys
  • Easily identify and optimize underperforming touchpoints or broken customer journeys
  • Create and manage “rule structures” for active and inactive customer data, along with dynamic data models feeding “always-on” engagement triggers
  • Automate decision processing to manage and apply simple and complex logic across a myriad of tools and channels

Complete with a journey mapping layer that serves as a strategic guide, JourneyNavigator offers a powerful way for marketers to connect, configure, test, and execute fully integrated campaigns across all channels, bringing real time communication strategy to life. But unlike generic journey mapping tools, JourneyNavigator enables brands to move beyond batch campaigns based on limited segmentations by automating intelligent assistance, ready to respond in real time to all customer activity, across all channels.

With ease of set-up and testing, it’s possible for marketers to run a JourneyNavigator pilot in a matter of weeks and immediately see the benefits of a true customer engagement hub. 89 Degrees’ integrated project teams work directly with each client’s IT and marketing stakeholders to scope out all requirements, understand available data sources, and develop a business case with appropriate goals so successful pilots deliver the results to justify ongoing investment and needed business transformation.

Want to know how we handle millions of decisions per hour in real time?

Manage all customer journey touchpoints using an intuitive, visual interface?

Simplify managing and improving conversions along all customer journeys?

Contact us today to schedule a demo.

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Advance your engagement strategy for maximum ROI.

89 Degrees offers full service Customer Journey Management support, enabling clients to quickly deepen and broaden their programs for improved conversions, customer retention, and superior customer experiences. Because of our collaborative approach, we are able to serve as an extension to in-house marketing teams, working seamlessly together to:

  • Develop pilot customer journey programs and omnichannel rollouts
  • Leverage advanced marketing analytics to fill in customer insight gaps and apply predictive and prescriptive data models for improved campaign performance
  • Create loyalty loops and brand advocates with timely and relevant personalized communications

Led by senior practice leaders with extensive industry experience, our specially trained Journey Developers utilize a wide range of technology integrations to craft innovative journeys quite unlike anything previously possible. Clients benefit from a next generation customer engagement strategy that drives maximum ROI for their marketing programs.

Schedule a brief discovery call with us and quickly learn how 89 Degrees can deliver program improving insights, measure and optimize all your individual customer journeys, and apply predictive and prescriptive data models to propel your CJM to new heights.

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Seize on buying signals and the most valuable touchpoints.

For many growing companies, customer journeys have developed organically across channels and it’s not entirely clear how customers are discovering and interacting with those brands in a meaningful way. For other businesses, they are seeing flat or declining campaign performance and it’s unclear which touchpoints are broken or severely underperforming. With customer behavior continually evolving, it’s easy for any organization to lose that inherent understanding of its customer base which inevitably diminishes its ability to effectively engage and drive desired outcomes among its most valuable segments. With 89 Degrees’ Customer Journey Analytics, marketers can capture and retain meaningful understanding of customer behavior that’s critical for personalized communications, higher purchase conversions, brand advocacy, and reengaging inactive customers. They are also able to identify customer touchpoints ripe with potential, providing a roadmap to funnel more consumers and increase desired outcomes.

Learn more about our Customer Journey Analytics service on our Advanced Marketing Analytics page. Alternatively, contact us today if interested in increasing your ability to seize on buying signals and optimize touchpoints for higher conversions.

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Our Approach

Clients turn to 89 Degrees to solve a range of problems, enable winning customer engagement strategies, and realize higher gains from their marketing investments. Check out our practice areas to learn more about our approach to designing, deploying, and optimizing marketing systems with the customer analytics needed for higher acquisition, retention, and campaign performance.

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