About Song

Jundong Song, VP Marketing Intelligence Technology

Jundong SongSong grows and leads the practices and team talents of Big Data, analytics, and digital marketing technology enabling customer engagement. These multi-disciplined database and marketing analysts, statisticians, and computer scientists have solid business understanding, strong service orientation, and track record of performance serving clients across retail verticals. They hold advanced degrees and have an average tenure of 8+ years with 89 Degrees and industry experience of 12+ years.

Song has been innovative and instrumental in establishing and evolving 89 Degrees' enabling platform of competitive marketing intelligence and technology, client solutions and service offering, and best practices in multi-channel data integration, advanced analytics, and digital marketing automation. He also frequently writes articles and blogs sharing 89 Degrees' thought leadership.

Song joined 89 Degrees in 1997 and was visiting scholar at Brown University and associate professor in China prior to that. A Harvard Business School alumnus, Song also holds MS in statistics and Ph. D. in Economics.