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Overview: The Cloud Platform

Our Marketing Application Services (MAS) help you create smarter programs. The Compass Campaign Engine enables you to get programs to market faster and cheaper. And our Platform is the framework that facilitates it all in a secure and scalable way.

Smart Tools

What's so special about our Platform? It lets us create two-way connections (cheaply, no less) with each client data warehouse, plus our operational and e-commerce systems, all with the quickest speed you could ask for. Our offsite Data Center features industrial-strength IBM Servers and an EMC storage area network (SAN). This infrastructure can handle between 50,000 and 100 million customers and their info (in a highly secure environment—see sidebar), so we can accommodate any size company. Plus, we continuously aggregate and analyze data using SAP, SQL and SAS, the most powerful programming and data-analysis tools available.

Reliable Results

Another reason our Platform is unique: Our infrastructure not only aggregates mountains of data, but it also retains billions of transactional details. What’s that mean for you? Instantaneous updates and real-time marketing programs. Plus, because we support our scalable web hosting and the Compass Campaign Engine under one roof, you can count on true marketing integration across all 1-to-1 channels.

SAS 70 Type II compliance signifies the most stringent form of professional examination. An audit based on this level of compliance certifies that a hosting provider has had its control objectives and activities examined by a qualified independent accounting and auditing firm. SAS 70 Type II compliance verifies our qualification to clients who must maintain compliance with data privacy and data security regulations such as: