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Application Services

Once you put our Marketing Intelligence Cloud to work for your company, you'll get access to our fully integrated suite of Marketing Application Services (MAS).

Marketing Application Services

Some MAS are predefined, such as our patent-pending channel optimization applications, eCalibrator and Route Remix. Others are custom-developed by our advanced analytics team to drive your specific marketing programs. One example of customization is our Trigger MAS, which identifies dozens of key customer triggers that allow for instant follow-up communications.

Omni-Track Onmni-Track

89 Degrees proudly introduces

Omni-Track™ This unique technology offering allows marketers to analyze granular clickstream data, on page events, and device type information to inform digital marketing strategies. Omni-Track™ also provides the ability to link anonymous online behavior to identified individuals, making this information actionable for marketing purposes.

Granular Clickstream Data

  • Records every individual interaction for every visitor, giving you the finest level of granularity for your data warehouse

On-Page Events

  • Captures on-page events like style selection or full-size image views before submission to catch pre-cart abandonment

Mobile Device Detection

  • Tablet vs. Phone, iOS vs. Android, and more
  • Informs UX and campaign decisions

Integrated with MIC

  • Clickstream data becomes a “fact” in your data marts
  • Available for analytics and modeling in SAS

Route Remix Route Remix

Maximizing Your Reach

Over 50% of direct mail costs come from postage – but there's a better way. Our proprietary Route Remix technology works hard to reduce this expense by pairing a campaign's response history with our enhanced prospect list source and advanced carrier route profiling. Route Remix examines millions of combinations to figure out how to achieve maximum revenue as cheaply as possible. By taking advantage of High Density postal rates, Route Remix shaves about 15-25% off postage (compared to traditional postal optimization). That means you can bank the savings or expand your audience, significantly boosting ROI.

Behavior Trigger Behavior Trigger

Responding to Their Actions

A marketer's dream: capitalizing on real-time purchase and web response data. Our Behavior Trigger does just that. Let's say a consumer clicks a link related to kids' footwear. The Trigger is customized with business rules to prompt auto follow-up communications, so a relevant email about kids' shoes would be delivered to the customer. Behaviorally targeted programs like these typically lift results by 300% to 500% over traditional programs. Now multiply that times dozens of custom-built trigger campaigns. Can't argue with those numbers.

eCalibrator eCalibrator

Choosing the Right Channel

Which consumers have the highest chance of opening their email and clicking? Our eCalibrator lets you know. By constantly monitoring a wide range of data, it also identifies ignorers (who aren't engaged). We choose the right channel for each consumer by funneling email ignorers into reactivation streams, and suppressing email-engaged consumers from direct-mail campaigns. This can save you 20% or more on deployment and postage costs – and it gives your campaigns an impressive response rate.

Web-Influenced Sales Effect (WISE) Wise

Getting the Whole Picture

Have a poor view of your websites' impact on purchase patterns? You're not alone. But our unique WISE analysis provides a holistic view of the marketing ecosystem. By tracking consumers from email to each page they visit on your site – then all the way through to their online or offline purchase – WISE provides a dynamic view of the customer's interests, as well as their place in the purchase cycle. What might they like next? This 360-degree view helps us figure that out, and provides recommendations that consistently perform well.