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Cross-Channel Execution

89 Degrees' smarter/faster/cheaper promise is backed by an industry-leading solution that features integrated development across all channels. We can take care of all aspects of your campaign, or you can choose self-service.

Our industry-leading Compass Campaign Suite integrates SAS Marketing Automation and ExactTarget—a Forrester leader—which enables maximum customization and real-time triggers. SAS has long been the preferred software for analytically driven marketers, providing unparalleled power and statistical capabilities. And we've been a top-tier SAS partner for nearly 20 years.

What's all this mean for you? Real-time optimization, maximum channel synergy and unparalleled cost-effectiveness of your campaigns, producing the highest possible ROI.

Strategic Partnerships:

SAS - Analytic and data-management tools that derive actionable customer insights ExactTarget - A Forrester Leader's quadrant ESP that powers our Compass Digital Campaign Suite. Silverpop - Delivers relevant online messaging via its Engagement Marketing suite of Web-based solutions DataXu - Extends the impact of our clients' enterprise data to achieve dramatically improved results in real time. RR Donnelley - Global provider of integrated communications that reduce costs, enhances ROI and ensures compliance.