Capabilities > Database

Data & Channel Integration:

  • POS
  • Direct mail
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Website
  • Social media
  • Standardization
  • Address correction
  • Geocoding
  • Mobile
  • Store distance
  • NCOA

Database Management:

  • Database
  • Database development
  • Database host
  • Database access
  • Application support
  • System integration

Campaign Management:

  • Audience selection
  • Offer assignment
  • Test/Control setup
  • Performance measurements
  • Self-serve campaign management (SAS Marketing Automation)

Business Intelligence:

  • Campaign dashboard
  • Customer business measures (Acquisition, Retention, etc.)
  • Data quality
  • Custom reports
  • Self serve BI data exploration tools (SAS Marketing Automation)


How can our unique database capabilities benefit you? Our cloud-based MIC platform provides a unique combination of flexibility, scalability and cost-efficiency, resulting in less than half the cost of a traditionally hosted marketing database.

Cloud-Based Platform

Our platform provides a unique combination of flexibility, scalability and efficiency with less than half the cost of a traditional marketing database.

Live in 60 Days with No Startup Costs

A traditional marketing database can take 9-12 months to go live. With our combination of technology and highly experienced multi-functional programmer analysts, you can cut time-to-market by as much as 80%.

Industry-Leading SAS Foundation

89 Degrees has partnered with SAS for nearly 20 years, developing proprietary applications that automate our database expertise and practices into turnkey solutions. Clients can choose a full-service relationship, leveraging our programmers and analysts. Or, they can opt for self-service using SAS Marketing Automation, an industry-leading campaign management and reporting tool.

Multi-Functional Programmer/Analyst Support

Each client is assigned a primary programmer/analyst, a multi-disciplinary expert who not only ensures that your database runs smoothly, but partners with you to craft optimal marketing campaigns and drive continuous improvement.

True Multi-Channel Integration

The Marketing Intelligence Cloud was built from the ground up to seamlessly integrate clickstream data, opening a whole new world of marketing actionability to our clients right from the start.

Learn more about our Marketing Intelligence Cloud