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Arthur Sweetser, Chief Marketing Officer

Arthur SweetserArthur is a prolific marketer and bona fide thought leader in the dynamic world of digital and CRM marketing. Prior to 89 Degrees, he was CMO and COO for email marketing provider e-Dialog, leading the company to being named Best in Class for strategic planning and deployment processes by Forrester Research for three years running. Prior to that, Arthur was SVP at S&H greenpoints, and held advertising and marketing executive positions at Converse and agencies Ogilvy & Mather, Cabot, Hill Holliday and Gearon Hoffman. Arthur is a highly regarded industry figure who speaks at conferences and coauthored the book Successful Email Marketing Strategies: From Hunting to Farming.

Blogs by Arthur

Retail Marketers: Step Out of the Past and Into the Cloud

August, 2011

Retailers continue to grapple with the best way to amass and leverage marketing intelligence across disparate, addressable marketing channels. Often relying on a loosely coupled array of point solutions, far too many retail marketing executives are challenged by the lack of integrated cross-channel … More >>

Marketers vs. the Short Burst: The Battle for Consumers' Attention

September, 2011

The stakes to improve marketing sophistication are high, as consumers have made it clear that that they simply delete or ignore marketing messages that are not relevant to them. Moreover, the amount of marketing messages that consumers are exposed to each day continues to increase. As consumers, we … More >>