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Our experienced analysts constantly look for emerging sources of data to leverage and relentlessly mine for true insight. The result? Smarter programs that perform better.

Campaign Optimization

Full Service Support

  • Audience Selection
  • Test Design
  • Measurement/ Reporting
  • Deep Dive Campaign & Contact Stream Analysis
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Segmentation
  • Lifetime Value
  • Product Pairing, Next Most Likely Product
  • Engagement Scoring
  • Trigger Development

Less Data – More Insights

Our analysts also speak marketing. We'll proactively connect the dots from problem or opportunity to the data analysis – and then, most importantly, to insights and action steps.

The Power of Online & Offline Data Integration

Wouldn't it be great if you knew what your customers were in the market for next? With predictive models built using SAS that links clickstream data to purchases, our analysts have been doing just that. The boost to revenue and ROI? Sky-high.

Analysts Fuel Better Results

Our marketing scientists leverage SAS to build unbeaten, powerful models and advantageously pull campaign insights to provide the necessary support to optimize our clients’ marketing solutions. And it pays off. We’ve seen our analysts consistently deliver at least 25% improvement over traditional marketers using campaign tools.

Stunning Data Visualization

Visual Analytics provides a unique combination of drag & drop ease-of-use and access to data at the most granular level – all in sub-second response times. This offers a range of web based solutions from interactive reporting available on tablet to granular data exploration and even web-based custom SAS coding, providing a strong solution for all user types.

Analytics Automation

Marketing Optimization and Real Time Decision Manager provide automated solutions to improve results and relevance. Powered by custom models our analysts create, these “always on” tools provide an even greater lift to your marketing results.