About Us

About Us

89 DEGREES is an agency specializing in customer engagement strategy and execution

Our results-oriented services combine database expertise, marketing analytics, technology integration, and creative as a means to connect consumers and brands for maximum engagement and ROI. 89 Degrees enables multi-channel success across a number of key verticals for clients including IKEA, CVS, Hyundai, World Vision, Genzyme/Sanofi, and Michigan Lottery.

New Generation MSP: Flexible, Agile and Responsive

At 89 Degrees, we have a passion for surpassing our clients’ expectations; both in terms of the marketing solutions we provide and the level of attention and service we deliver to our clients every day. We’re smaller than most of our competitors, which means we can be more responsive, flexible and agile than the large service providers. Forrester Research described the advantage of working with firms such as 89 Degrees in their July 2011 report “US Database Marketing Service Providers: Alternatives to Consider” by saying "Clients of these firms enjoy the kind of service and attention they’re unlikely to receive as clients of the larger firms".

Powered by SAS

SAS goes far beyond the realm of a typical campaign management or reporting software solution. After doing an extensive review of potential partners, we chose to partner with SAS not only because of their industry leading ratings, but also because they offer the most comprehensive and scalable suite of offerings, and their tight fit with our development and analytic skill sets. In addition, it will continue to evolve – SAS spends 20% of their considerable revenues on research and development each year.

Dedicated, Retail Experienced Team

A common problem for clients of some of the large marketing service providers is the inconsistency of the experience they have with the client service team. When a firm is supporting hundreds of clients, it can be difficult to consistently attract and retain top talent. Frequent turnover of team members can be disruptive and often lead to mistakes and costly re-work. As a firm that has been providing database marketing solutions to the retail industry for over 20 years, we know firsthand the importance of hiring and retaining the best talent. Our typical client relationship lasts 7-10 years, and during that time we develop a strong understanding of the client’s business and the relationship grows into a true partnership. Our team becomes an extension of your team.